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Hand crafted perfection

We pride ourselves on making bladed tools and weapons from the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

For stock removal knives we mainly use Bohler N690 and M390, and Sandvic 12C27 and 14C28N. These are all high grade stainless steels developed specifically for cutting tools.

For forged blades we usually use SAE5160 or K460 if available. These steels produce excellent blades that are more traditional and need a little more care, but has so much character.

Handle materials vary from synthetic materials like Micarta, Diamond wood, Corian and Kirinite.

We use a variety of  natural stabilised woods from African hard woods like Lead wood, Wild Olive, Tambotie and Rooibos, to imported Burls like, BuckEye burl, Wild pear, Red wood burl to name only a few. We also use a variety of horn, bone, tusk and ivory on our blades.

Sheaths are handmade, by ourselves, from various types of leather and also from Kaydex or ABS for tactical and EDC knives. The sheaths are a very important part of our product because even the best knife becomes ineffective if it’s not carried in a proper well designed sheath. 

Custom & Collector's Knives

Hunting knives, fighters, bird & trout knives, utility knives, short swords and hand stitched leather sheaths.
Our knives are made with rugged stainless steel polished to a satin finish and incredibly sharp. Tough unique knives with a touch of elegance in the detailing. Hand filed pommels, grips made from special bone, brass or desired material, embellished with fine decoration.

Hunting & Outdoor Knives

Our forge patterned stainless steel hunting knives can be ordered with custom leather sheaths. The blades are perfect for hunting, skinning and work such as bush craft. Our grips add flair to imrpessive looking knives. Our blades are hard working and sit comfortably in the hand.

“A quality product as usual!”

"Been dying to share this picture, but as it was a Xmas gift to someone, I had to wait!! Thank you so much Bliksem Blades... A quality product as usual!"
Maria Chaplin

Tactical & Fighting Knives

Our Tactical and fighter knives come in a variety of lengths. We make custom daggers, self-defence fighters, tactical, combat knives and short swords. These blades come with a leather sheath which can be personalized. Choose from either a leather sheath, a kaydex sheath or one of each.  Our knives are made razor sharp with Bohler stainless steel. Deadly weapons with superb attention to the detailing.

Every day carry & self-defence

We have a variety of customised every day and self defence knives with various carry options and grips: Belt buckle daggers provide the ultimate in concealed carry. Broad double edged fighter blades with custom sheaths. The sheaths allows the user various carry options
like on the belt, on a backpack and around the neck.

Kitchen Knives

Our kitchen cleavers and all purpose knives are used in chef kitchens and are sought-after for their sharpness and quality. Our grips are made from ivory, wood and resin. Whether it is for preparing meat or dicing vegetables, our stylish knives are a must as a gift and essential sharp kitchen knives.

Folding Knives

We craft great folding knives. The textured brass along with the warthog ivory makes for a good looking blade. The blade is designed to cut biltong, and just about anything else, with ease.

Miniature Knives

Our miniature knives are true collector’s pieces. They are made from real knife steel and are as sharp as all our other knives.

Hand turned Pens

We pride ourselves in our superb hand turn pen collection. Premium Victorian, Celtic, Nouveau, Phoenix, Sierra and Dutchess twist pens with a parker style refills.
We make premium and economy fancy twist pens with ballpoint refills. Another option is the Premium bolt-action pen with a parker style refill. We also make Hand Turned Pencils, these are premium bullet style click pencils with 0.5 mm lead refills. You can order beautifully styled perfume pens as a unique gift as well.

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